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What Doug Stands for...

My Mission is to be a Public Servant...


As a state representative I will remember that my purpose is to represent the people I serve with integrity, equality, and diligence. Government works best that governs closest, and our home rule allows the people to have direct input into that which affects them most. Florida is a true national treasure, and we must protect its beauty, its bounty, and its future in a way that is both fiscally responsible and accountable to its people. I will serve the people I represent and seek to bring their voice to the table with a hearing ear, a willing heart, and rolled up sleeves.

I Believe In... 


Out of control inflation is making it hard for Florida families to make ends meet. I have a plan to address the rising costs of living and keep more money in your pockets: lower taxes, and maintain a balanced budget. Our region is also facing a housing crisis. I pledge to work across the aisle to develop real solutions for housing attainability and get insurance costs under control.


The most precious and valued resource we have is our children, and I believe they should have the very best education possible. We must secure the opportunities of education for all our children equally regardless of their background. I also know that parents should always have a voice in education, and I will protect that voice in Tallahassee. We must uphold the dignity of our teachers with fair compensation, sufficient facilities, and effective working conditions. I pledge to advocate for optimal learning environments, expanded school choice options, and for a competitive standard that elevates our children to reach for the stars. 


Business Opportunity
Our businesses are the lifeblood of our communities, from the entrepreneur to the large employer, and we must set up a working environment that is business-friendly. Our economic development should attract the best and brightest and must opt for regulations that protect the consumer without penalizing the merchant. We must protect the right for all to have equal opportunity to compete, especially those who have traditionally struggled to find their way. As we shift from the hand out to the hand up, the rising tide lifts all ships. Government, like an umpire, is not to balance the points on the scoreboard, but to make sure the game is played fairly. I pledge to seek economic opportunities for all, understanding that government doesn’t create jobs, they just create the environment for jobs to thrive and grow.  


We are truly blessed in central Florida with tremendous natural resources, and we are stewards of that which has been given to us to protect for future generations. We can all work together to guard these precious gifts, from our Wekiva state springs and park to our waterways to our lake Apopka. Three decades ago when I moved here, our once pristine lake had fallen into a precarious ecosystem that threatened its wildlife and future. Now through the work of those who have gone before us we are seeing its beauty and vibrancy restored, and though we have a ways to go, we are tracking the right direction. Our northwest Orange County has a great potential as an ecotourism destination, and with city, county, and state cooperation we are poised to become a leader in preservation and beauty. I pledge to continue this stewardship and advocate to bring focus from the state level, and for the funding restored and protects what we hold dear.  


Public Safety
We must support the first responders who stand on the front lines for us. While we look inward to address the issues that have divided communities, we must keep our families safe. I pledge to renew and strengthen the bond between our community and those that serve and protect. 

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